The Kata
In The Hat

A Programming Performance


"This session is to programming what Waiting For Godot is for the theatre, funny and magic."
- anonymous comment at XP Days Benelux 2010.
The Kata In The Hat is a celebration of the joy of programming, even in the face of absurdity.
It aims to reconnect workaday programmers with the poetry inherent in their work.
The Kata In The Hat was workshopped during Summer 2010 at the Paris Coding Dojo. It was publicly presented for the first time during the Agile Tour Series Conference in Bordeaux, France, October 7, 2010.
Emmanuel Gaillot was playing the role of EMMANUEL GAILLOT, and Jonathan Perret was playing the role of JONATHAN PERRET.


Male, mid-30s (a tad older). Short and sanguine. The creative mind.
Male, mid-30s (slightly younger). Tall and restrained. The clever brain.
(Note: JONATHAN and EMMANUEL, although fictional characters, clearly wink at real people with the same names. Or the opposite.)


July 3rd, 2012 - evening. A conference room at the Strand Palace Hotel during the SPA 2012 conference.
While definitely happening in the now, the performance deals with nostalgia of long passed days and wild futuristic iconoclasm. Hence, the set should be minimal. Maybe a table, maybe lots of cables, but not much more.

And: Lights Up.

If you want to know more about the KITH project, inquire about future performances, or just tell us how much you love us, drop us a line.